Monday, April 20, 2009

Hottie Monday--Twilight Edition

Okay, see my post below about supervising my friend's daughter's slumber party last weekend, and finally stupefying all the noisy, crazy 11 and 12 year-olds into blessed silence with a watching of Twilight. Tough job to look at Robert Pattinson for 2 hours, but someone has to do it. Plus the soundtrack is awesome.

Then this happened.
Friend's daughter: "He is so hawt. I wish he was my boyfriend."
Me: "Um-hmmmm. You and me both." (where is my wine???)
FD: (sternly) "Aunt Manda! Edward is much too young for you."

Hmph. Well, considering "Edward" is like 120 years old, I would have to say he is not too young for me (I hope). Also considering my real-life on-off-on-off sweetie is, er, only about 2 years older than Robert Pattinson, I guess I am just a dirty old woman. Ah well--there are worse things to be. :)

Plus, there is just something about those sensitive, artistic, intense, self-deprecating, slightly strange Brits that gets me every time (especially when they're also musicians)...

(BTW, when I went on a search for pics for this post, I got more Google results than from anything else I've searched, ever! Whoa, this guy has a vast fanbase on the web, and they have LOTS of free time for making websites and tribute videos, LOL. I read way more about his sanitary habits, or lack thereof, than I need to. I'm just saying. I am sure I had my own tween-er crushes when I was a kid, but I don't remember wanting to know if they use deodorant and wash their hair, let alone getting hysterical about it. Did you?? Besides, it's not like the pics are scratch-and-sniff...)


Kwana said...

Scratch and sniff. Too funny. You dirty old thing you but come on he's is like 120. Really too old for you. Just right for me.

Keira Soleore said...

Every time your Hottie Monday comes around, I'm nodding my head and agreeing. I just don't see the appeal here. I want to take him off to a barber to get his hair washed and cut and his beard shaved.

Lisa said...

OK, this hottie leaves me cold, although I know I am in the minority. The eyebrows drive me batty. OK, some suggestions for hotties:
Gerard Butler
Brendan Fraser
Colin Firth (of course!)
Christian Bale
Zac Efron (I know he's young, but hey!)
Keanu Reeves
Johnny Depp
Dominic Cooper
JJ Feild
James Caveizel
Daniel Craig
Eliott Cowan
Ioan Gruffudd

There. That should get you started. I highly suggest you go to and check her boyfriend of the week feature. She's been at it a long long time!

Amanda McCabe said...

Some excellent suggestions, Lisa! (except maybe for Zac Efron, who does nothing for me--maybe he has potential, though. I recently saw a pic in a magazine where he had his hair slicked back, and I thought I had never seen such inhumanly beautiful cheekbones before, LOL)

"Really too old for you. Just right for me."

Kwana, are we going to have to fight??

Lauren said...

LOL love it!