Monday, May 04, 2009

Hottie Monday--First Edition of May!

So, when I was in college there was this girl in my dorm who liked to watch One Life to Live. I had always watched All My Children, and in comparison OLTL didn't have particularly interesting storylines. But the actor who played Joey seemed very interesting indeed...

Then I moved out of the dorm, and totally forgot about Nathan Fillion and OLTL. Until the tragically short-lived show Firefly came along, and all those college memories came back. Sigh. Captain Mal. I've been watching his new show Castle, which hasn't yet reeled me in, but I'm willing to give it a chance.


Kwana said...

I'm having the hardest time with Castle but love Nathan Fillion. Always watches AMC and OLTL still do. As for Firefly I loved it. Little known fact: I went to junior high school with Gina Torres.

Amanda McCabe said...

I don't think I went to jr. high with anyone famous at all :)

As for Castle--I really wish it was better, that it had that spark that makes me want to keep watching. I do like NF's character. But it's just not there.

Bill said...

It's Captain Tightpants from Firefly! That's a "Browncoat" joke and not my opinion AHEM :)

Fillion is likely the best thing about Castle. I don't buy the chemistry between him and his police partner (he's great but it's a two way street for things like that to be believable). Come to think of it his family are well-played...yah it's the lead good!

He's too charming for her acting chops/writing to keep up (and I'm a guy saying that!)

A question for you he believable as a famous author you've followed or know about?

Bill said...

One more thing if you guys like Fillion.

You HAVE TO check out "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog" with Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. It's a musical (which I usually despise) but it's so well done. It's a simple three act play with Fillion as the blowhard "good guy" superhero and Harris as the super-genius wanna-be villain whose in love with Day.

It's completely silly (yet with'll see). Simply brilliant.

Amanda McCabe said...

"is he believable as a famous author you've followed or know about?"

Hi Beeel! Not anyone I've ever met (I wish)! Plus he started writing his book what, last week? And they already have cover art and promo tours and all? Ha!

I agree--I like his mother and daughter, and he is a great character. She is totally blah, and that makes their efforts at "Moonlight" style repartee sort of--flat. :(

Dr Horrible--i saw it a few months ago, it was terrific!! I second your rec.