Monday, December 14, 2009

Hottie Monday, The Tudors

I once watched a few episodes of The Tudors, and had such high hopes for that show. After all, it really seemed like the sort of thing I should love. Elaborate costumes! Castles! Sex and violence! Jonathan Rhys Meyers, way sexy but possibly the least Henry VIIIish actor I can think of! Despite its, shall we say, wildly fanciful way with historical fact, it seemed to have everything I need in an entertainment experience. (Disclaimer: I'm not generally bothered by lack of strict accuracy in historical movies or novels--they are, after all, not documentaries and biographies, but meant to tell a good story. That's why I loved the first Elizabeth movie, and did not like at all Elizabeth: The Golden Age)

Alas, I was bored by The Tudors, despite all the costumes, sex, jousting, etc, and I couldn't figure out why. I gave up and haven't watched it since. Then last week I decided, thanks to Netflix, to try again. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood back then. I was a bit less bored this time, but that was mostly thanks to the wonders of Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon. I definitely think he will be useful for inspiration for a future Renaissance story! But I'm not sure I will continue on with the show. Anyone have any opinions???

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