Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Golden Globe, The Other Side

Today--Golden Globe looks I either do not like or am "meh" (or confused!) about:

Chloe Sevigny: Yeah, this is a big pile of lavender crazy, but hey, it is Chloe Sevigny! I'd be disappointed if she showed up in a black strapless cocktail dress. So it's a Win. But only on her.

January Jones: Very heavy and funereal. And I don't like that satin collar much. Disappointing after that great silvery Versace from the Emmys!

Heidi Klum. Feather duster.

Sandra Bullock. I LOVE that color, and it's fab on her. But the fabric looks weird and cheap, and reminds me of this purple Saran Wrap my manicurist uses. I would have loved it in duchesse satin. (why does she always look so unhappy, though?)

Carrie Ann Inaba. When I was in pre-school, we would do this thing where we would paint on a piece of paper, color over it with heavy black crayon, then scratch it off to make an image. That's what this reminds me of.

Tina Fey. So cute in concept! But this reminds me of something, too--the porch sunshade my parents had when I was a kid.

Drew Barrymore--I mostly love this one, too, except for the sparkly sponge-y bits. The one on the shoulder is okay. The one on the hip, too much.

This is another one I mostly love, especially the style, except for the Halloween tulle overlay.

I am also down on Jennifer Aniston (sloppy) and Christina Hendricks, who really needed straps on that bodice and a brighter color. And Julia Roberts, who showed up in a black jersey wrap dress I might wear to work (but never to a fancy awards ceremony, where everyone else is going all-out). Which looks did you less than love??


Kwana said...

I agree with you on all points esp Chloe. On her that dress worked. I liked Drew too all except the hip. Wow.

Keira Soleore said...

Of all of those, I think Heidi Klum's outfit was the worst, because she really SHOULD know better. What was she thinking/smoking/supporting to have sported that? She looks uncomfortable; even she can't carry it off.

I liked January Jones. The severe hairstyle and dress would not have on too many people, but on her, it looked good.

I hesitate to comment on Sandra, because I'm biased against her. I don't like her in anything I've seen her in. So I thought my dislike of her dress was my prejudice showing. Glad to see that there's someone else who thought like I did.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I loved the color of Drew Barrymore's dress but I think that Khloe Khardashian was right to say that it looked like coral was growing out of her shoulder and hip. I agree with you that the fabric of Sandra Bullock's dress looked like she bought it at one of those shops that sell prom dresses in cheap materials. And poor Tina Fey. I love Zac Posen but this was really a miss for me.

Amanda McCabe said...

Keira, I also have somehow taken against Sandra Bullock, and I am not sure why! Maybe I just never liked any of her movies, or maybe it's the way she always looks so put-upon and unhappy at awards shows. I was disappointed she won over Carey Mulligan and Emily Blunt, whose movies I loved (and who both had better dresses!)

Amanda McCabe said...

Elizabeth, LOL! That dress was just such a miss.

librarypat said...

Mariah Carey forgot the front of her dress. It didn't even qualify as cleavage. She was showing her own golden globes. The grecian style gown she had on looked like some one was grabbing her boobs.