Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice Dancing Fashion

Megan Frampton suggested we need a look at the fab Ice Dancing costumes this year, and I completely agree! Maybe I'm crazy, but Ice Dancing is my favorite Winter Olympics event. The performance themes and costumes are just as likely to be totally crazy and WTH (as you can see) as they are to be lovely and romantic and dramatic. Let's see what we had for Vancouver 2010:

When I first saw these costumes, I hoped it was a program about Edward Scissorhands. How awesome would that be--Edward Scissorhands on Ice??? I hope someone gets on that one soon. This turned out to be about "Time and Despair" or something...

There were LOTS of numbers with the theme "Hoedown at the Truck Stop" for some reason. It's very sad everyone thinks the US is all about cut-off shorts and miniskirts made of Big Bird.

And the Russians, who always bring the crazy! (Also, bring the crybaby-ness, thanks to Plushenko and these two whose names I have forgotten...) This was pretty good, sort of "Mad Men" ish, I love her bun, not bad at all!

Then there was this, the infamous "Aboriginal" number, which was just as completely, outrageously nutball as I had hoped after reading about it--and more. This was just a Very Bad Idea from start to finish and I am not sure why they went through with it (especially after being given NUMEROUS talkings-to by the Australian government).

Then they had--this. I am not even sure what this is. And using those weird ropes to help them with their lifts, very sneaky...

The Canadian gold medal winners Virtue and Moir--LOVE them! Their costumes and music were comparatively simple and very pretty and evocative, their skating very skilled, and they were a joy to watch. Yay Canada!

The American silver medalists Davis and White--I wasn't too sure about them at first, but ended up loving them, too. I mean, they had one number that was Bollywood-themed and one that was Phantom of the Opera, what is not to love??? And they skated the heck out of both of them. Yay, United States!

Americans Belbin and Agusto--I was disappointed with them and their flashy costumes, sadly. They seemed sort of weirdly half-hearted in their performances, and I thought when they first came out this was going to be an Elvis program. Sadly it wasn't (some sort of bombastic, pseudo-church-y music), and I think coming right after the Canadians' elegant Mahler-set program didn't help....


And I know he's not an ice dancer, but I had to add him here! I heard the mean Canadians didn't invite poor Johnny Weir to the closing skating gala, which is a shame. What's a gala without his version of Pokerface???

What was your favorite skater this year?


Megan Frampton said...

Thanks, Amanda!

I thought the tacky Americans just looked dreadful, the Elvisishness just didn't work at all, not right after the other classy costumes.

I liked the not-tacky Americans, I thought the Bollywood number was so much fun.

And I had a soft soft for Pluschenko, until he started whining. Then I saw him as the mullet-head Russian he is. Evan L. is a blast to watch, all kinds of eeevil in his skating.

Kwana said...

The costume crazy did not disappoint in tackyness this year. The Canadians were the classiest in their performance and their costumes.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

You know even though I agree with you about Belbin & Agosto, I still thought they skated better than the cry-baby Russians. What is up with that? Seriously, accept that you are no longer a force in figure skating because your coaches have all left for the states where they don't have to live in an apartment with 15 people.

Amanda McCabe said...

Megan, I totally agree! I actually kinda hoped Plushenko might win a second gold before the skating began (love a "bad boy of skating" story!) and had no opinion either way about Lysacek. But after, with that totally whiny and entitled behavior on P's part and L's classiness, I completely changed my mind...

Elizabeth, if it was up to me (ha!) I would definitely have given the bronze to Belbin and Agosto over the Russians. Maybe they didn't give it their all, but they were still good and not offensive in their presentation :)