Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oscar Fashions 2010

So, there was some kind of big awards thing last weekend, right? :) I do look forward to the Oscars every year, they're like the Superbowl of fashion! So I had fun settling in with some Chardonnay and some fresh-baked brownies to see what happened. I was very eager to see Kathryn Bigelow collect her well-deserved Oscar, and to see who showed up in what. Even though the ceremony itself was mind-numbingly dull (even by Oscar standards), the fashions didn't disappoint. It seemed to be the year of red and silver, and the year of the Big Freakin' Skirt, as well as the year of bright lipstick...

Kate Winslet--the dress itself is dull, but she looks gorgeous. How does she just get lovelier every year??

Helen Mirren, who never gets it wrong

SJP--I see what she's going for here, a sort of Mad Men-ish retro thing, but it just didn't work

Rachel McAdams--so, so pretty! I love the soft print and how it looks different from everything else on the red carpet

Cameron Diaz--the best she's ever looked at an awards show, I think. Yay for not having a gown that looks like it just got pulled out of the dryer!

Gabby--gorgeous color! She always looks so happy and bubbly, I love her

Sandra Bullock--she came dressed AS the Oscar! She looks beautiful and very shiny....

Zoe Saldana--I love the bodice and the top of the skirt, before it goes to Crazy Town at the bottom. No one else could have worn this at all

Carey Mulligan--I do love the beaded bodice and the glossy black satin. I wish the skirt went all the way to the floor and she had some different shoes. Wish I looked like her. Maybe I should dye my hair blonde....

Kristen Stewart--the dress is far better than anything she usually wears to events, I like it! But at the risk of sounding like a 100-year-old auntie, would it kill her to stand up straight and smile? She's an actress, surely she can ACT like she's happy to be at the Oscars, a big star, standing next to Taylor Lautner

Anna Kendrick--I love this dress, one of my favorites of the night. I bet she regrets ever appearing for even 5 minutes in Twilight

Maggie Gyllenhaal--is she going to a fancy pool party after? She looks fine, but sort of, I dunno, casual

Vera Farmiga is being eaten by ruffles!!! She seemed sort of dazed every time I saw her interviewed, maybe the ruffles were strangling her. Great color though

Oh, Diane. Noooooo.

Penelope Cruz--beautiful, as usual

Charlize Theron--I don't understand this. The color is nice, but the fabric is crumpled and the bosom strangled

Amanda Seyfried, the best of the big skirts! The pale icy blue looks great on her, and she looks princess-y but not overly so. I feel sorry for poor Miley Cyrus, all hunched over in her ill-fitting bustier thing, presenting next to her. I'm also pretty sure this is what JLo thought she looked like in her enormous swath of bubble wrap

So, my favorites--Penelope, Rachel McAdams, and Anna Kendrick. Least faves--SJP, Vera Farmiga, Diane Kruger (who really disappointed me!). What about you??


Diane Gaston said...

I have to disagree about Carey Mulligan. I thought the open skirt and her shoes were PERFECT. A long skirt would have weighed her down and made her look old.

Another one I liked was Meryl Streep who often looks awful at red carpet events, but this time she looked great in her white, deeeep V long sleeved gown.

I also loved Anna Kendrick's gown it was soooo pretty.

I thought it was a pretty good fashion night. Even the misses were not so bad. I didn't see one dress that made me want to say, "What was she thinking?"

Amanda McCabe said...

I like Carey's skirt and shoes, but NOT together. They actually create a distracting bottom-heavy-ness on such a delicate girl. Those shoes would look awesome with a short skirt--here they look clunky.

There were no utter disasters a la swan dresses, which is kinda disappointing. :)

Megan Frampton said...

I hated SJP's gown. And her face looked like--well, like she's Sex and The Stodgy.

I liked Vera whatshername's gown, the ruffles worked for me.

And I think Helen Mirren does make missteps sometimes--yeah, she looks good for her age, but one year she wore something that let us see ALL her goods.

I wish Jennifer Lopez would just go away. Nothing to do with her fashion, I just feel like she's worn out her welcome.

Amanda McCabe said...

"one year she wore something that let us see ALL her goods."

Eeek! I am very glad I missed that. :) (totally agree on JLo, too)

Kwana said...

Great recap. I agree on almost all points. I didn't like Penelope. I'm over the off kilter bus situation and I wasn't a fan of Rachel's dress wither. I actually though JLo looked great. Bubbles and all.