Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Met Gala

I love the Met's Costume Institute Gala! For fashion geeks like me it's like Christmas and a birthday all in one. There didn't seem to be quite as many cracktastic ensembles as in other years (when the themes were things like Superheroes and Crazy Models), but there was enough to gawk at. Here are some I loved and some--not so much...

Elizabeth Banks--at first I thought for sure this was Sienna Miller. I actually kinda like the dress, but would have foregone the patterned tights

Katy Perry--it LIGHTS UP, y'all! I want one.

Kristen Stewart. Sigh. The Project Rungay guys nailed it when they pointed out that a young woman who so obviously hates wearing dresses, and so obviously hates having her photo taken while wearing dresses, should NOT wear such obviously avant-garde dresses that require a truckload of confidence to pull off. And stand up straight for once!!!

Anne Hathaway--gorgeous.

Vera Farmiga. She does seem to love the ruffles. I think my mom had a bridesmaid's dress just like this one in 1973, but she had a ruffly parasol that went with it.

Thandie Newton. LOVE. This is the way to wear out-there fashion, K.Stew

Tina Fey. Oh no. No no no.

Sarah Jessica Parker--I like this, and I think the color is great on her, but couldn't they have hemmed it up? I think it's about to swallow her. As someone five foot nothing, I know the feeling.

Zoe Saldana. LOVE.

Melania Trump (in Christian Siriano!). Gorgeous. Another example of how to wear a gown, K.Stew

Marion Cotillard. LOVE.

January Jones. I am BEGGING you, get a new stylist.

Diane Kruger. LOVE. Minimalism done just right. (I do seem to love either over the top-ness or mininmal looks this year, don't I?)

Chloe Sevigny. I like this. I kinda want this. If I could pull off turquoise lace.

Carey Mulligan. I like this too, but to wear at like a Mother's Day brunch or a graduation party (both of which I have coming up this weekend), but NOT at the Met Gala.

Camilla Belle. LOVE. I see her all the time at stuff like this, but have no clue as to any movie she has ever been in or anything about her, except she wears great clothes and dated a Jonas Brother. Weird.

Jessica Biel. Gorgeous. There's been a lot of satin going around lately, and a lot of crushed, ill-fitting satin. This seems to be satin done right.

Maggie Gyllenhaal. I just--what? No.

Emmy Rossum. Love the color, not sure about that necklace. Has she been in any movies since Phantom of the Opera?

What are your favorites/not favorites???


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Adore Thandie Newton, Anne Hathaway, Marian Cottilard, and Diane Kruger. Kristen Stewart needs to stop going to events like this if she's not going to at least attempt to look happy on the red carpet. Seriously, I would be skipping down the carpet in my borrowed Marchesa dress.

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee said...

Totally agree. She always looks so painfully miserable and cranky. She should just stay home if it's such an imposition to wear couture and have her picture taken. I would happily trade places :)