Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmys Fashion

So last weekend was the Emmy Awards! And you know I has opinions on dresses. :) (There was lots of navy and black, LOTS, and much messy hair. There wasn't much I totally loved or totally hated).

Here are some of my favorites:

Lea Michele--I do have a weakness for ruffles, which can be fatal for someone as petite as me! I would love to wear this flamenco-esque gown around

Sophia Vergara from Modern Family--I'm pretty sure no one else could pull this off

Elisabeth Moss--so pretty!

Claire Danes--my favorite of the night

One I didn't like at all:

January Jones--please, please stop! She does seem to go for avant-garde, edgy stuff that she can't pull off and doesn't look the least bit comfortable wearing. Time for something new.

Heidi Klum--I'm pretty sure she stole this from Blake Lively's closet. Again, time for something new. Please.

And two I'm torn over. I personally don't much like either of these dresses, but they seem to be pulling them off. (But if I was Anna Paquin and could choose from all the Alexander McQueen gowns, this wouldn't be the one I went for...)

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