Monday, May 22, 2006

Scents of May

Who knew that the Dove website has a quiz to help you find out which of their gazillion deodorants is right for you??? Very helpful.

My result was Platinum Invisible Solid, but it didn't say whether I should choose Glacier Mist, Mystic Rain, Ocean Breeze, or Powder Fresh. What a conundrum.


Betty S said...

I was PIS too.

Cicero_speaks said...

Scents are a funny thing with body chemistry...oh how I wanted to be a cool guy so long ago with Drakar Noir (yes, a LONG time ago) but it wasn't meant to be (I wont say what it smelled like but it wasn't flowers :) ).

How 'bout trying all 4 out by purchasing the little travel sizes and seeing which works best?

Amanda McCabe said...

Ewwww-Drakar Noir. That gives me scary memories of 8th grade.

Cicero_speaks said...

You make me feel OLD ;) That was more like Senior Year HS for me! Now, where did I place my Wayfarer sunglasses, bolo tie and cool leather bomber jacket? That's right, next to my A-ha CD :)