Monday, July 10, 2006

Busy weekend

So, Friday I went to Betty's big anniversary bash! (Tried to download a pic here, but somehow Blogger doesn't like me to have pics sometimes...) Rinda drove me, and we were lucky to find our way in because she seems to be as directional-challenged as I am, plus the church parking lot was mega-confusing. But we made it, and had a great time! Wine, food, dancing, friends, hilarious stories about Betty and Ben's misspent youth. What could be better? (I still think we should have hijacked the wedding carriage, though)

I also went to see Shakespeare in the Park--Two Gentlemen of Verona. One of the friends I went with said he couldn't figure it out at all, and I have to admit it's not top-drawer Shakespeare. It's a little silly and choppy, not too many great speeches, and some VERY annoying characters (not annoying like Falstaff, just--annoying). I think it makes a bit more sense if you read a book called Shadowplay (interesting book, it asserts that Shakespeare's plays were actually secret Catholic allegories. With some plays the author appears to be really stretching, but this one makes a weird sense). But the actors were good, and we took a picnic and some wine, so it was a nice evening.

Then yesterday, I went to a World Cup final party (see Risky Regencies for more on the ancient art of football!). What the heck was Zidane thinking, with that crazy head-butting incident??? Yes, I know he has lost his temper before, but this was the World Cup final! He was the team captain, his last game before retirement!!! Why isn't this game more popular in the US? It's far more entertaining than American football or baseball. Cuter guys, too.

Tonight--Pirates of the Caribbean!!!! I can't wait! And what I'm reading now--Rebel Angels, the sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, which was wonderful (the sequel is so far not as engrossing, but I'm not very far into it) and Mary Lovell's Bess of Hardwick: Empire Builder (she also wrote the riveting The Sisters about the kooky Mitford family).

Happy Monday!


Rinda Elliott said...

Hey now.

We're sad, aren't we?

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Sam's and they had the game on one of the big screens. You would not believe that crowd and the sounds coming from it!

I may have to watch next time.

Betty S said...

I want to see PIRATES!!!