Monday, October 09, 2006

Rainy Mondays

So, today is Columbus Day (as I discovered when I tried to go to the post office this morning!). If you don't feel like celebrating, or if, like me, you do NOT have the day off, check out this site.

In the meantime, I'm just slogging through my Monday, looking forward to Dancing With the Stars (could you believe Vivica left last week, while Jerry stayed!!! Admittedly, she was a little too "I'm such a diva" for me, but she was by far the better dancer) and the first part of the Project Runway finale. Onward!


Cicero_speaks said...
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Cicero_speaks said...

While not a dancer, Jerry Springer is quite the spectacle and makes for good ratings (the kind that sell commercials and make ABC money)'s on par with watching Bruno Tonioli's effusiveness. :)

Jerry's not that great of a dancer but maybe he represents the less-than-polished dancer in all of us who are likely to step on our partner's toes while on a dance floor (after being begged to dance)? Is it that underdog quality some of the audience identifies with?

Be honest, when he was spared you chanted "Jerry! Jerry!..." like the rest of the audience. ;)