Thursday, May 21, 2009

When Photoshop gets outta control

I came across this feature on the formerly Project Rungay blog (which is fabulous blog, BTW, and I visit at least twice a day in hopes they will have all new fashion goodness waiting for me I especially love a Shelli O post!). But along with the good must come the bad, or, even better, the insane. Witness this fashion spread of "Brook Sheilds Cougar" in some Australian magazine.

First of all, Photoshop craziness! Does that even look like her in any way? I totally understand the desire to change one's image, branch out, try new things, go a little cray, but it should be a new thing you are kinda sorta comfortable with and find to be fun. She looks tense and nauseated in almost all these pics. A+ for effort though, especially the ass grabbing pic. (And where can I get those stockings??? And a whip!)

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