Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's Alive! And Giveaway Week

I have just woken up from my winter hibernation to see that there are lilacs in my backyard!  And sun, and green grass!  At last!  I have also just realized I have been a terrible blogger, not even visiting here since (gasp!) January.  So much is happening, though, that I have decided to revive this blog and post at least once a week about life and love, chocolatinis, books, Sleepy Hollow--y'know, all the important stuff.

To get started (and because I also just cleaned out my garage and found boxes and boxes full of old copies of my books), I am going to launch a week's worth of giveaways.  Every day a different book.  Today, we'll start with signed copies of my "Muses of Mayfair" trilogy!

The Chase Muses!  Three adventure-loving sisters find dashing rakes to wed!

Meet Calliope (the sensible one), Clio (the intellectual one), and Thalia (the beautiful one--and the one her sisters always underestimate!), three daughters of a famous antiquarian in Regency England, and their three handsome suitors.  I loved writing these books, since I always wanted a sister of my own (and always had a fascination with archaeology!)

I'll be giving away a complete signed set of the Muses trilogy to one commenter today!!!  What have you been doing since spring has finally sprung??  If you could visit any archaeological site, where would it be?  (I have a dream to visit Pompeii--or Sicily, like Clio Chase...).  What have you been reading lately???

Also, a very happy Mother's Day to the best, loveliest, and wisest of moms!   


Juanita Decuir said...

Hello, Goddess! As I look at these cover illustrations, I am smiling, what a difference compared to the Scotland Yard theme...just needed to say that I love a serie of sisters!...don't forget to blog about, RIPPER STREET or the new series, PENNY DREADFUL...archaeological site, Scotland!...I am reading Kaye Dacus, An Honest Heart...1851 in Oxford, England...Happy Mother's Day!

Debbie Mccreary said...

Hi. Since I really do believe Spring is here, I've been getting out my summer shorts, planted my garden and re-potting plants. But never too busy to read though. I just finished Season to Surrender. Thank you for the chance to win. Great set of books.

knye said...

First I have to say I love your mom's photo--her smile/pride makes me smile. I am reading Amana Quick's "Otherwise Engaged" this weekend in between celebrating Mother's Day and a sister's birthday. Joy.

✿⊱╮Terri said...

You're trilogy looks great. I've been hiding inside since the weather's gotten hot. I hate to be hot and sweaty...and so does my hair!