Friday, June 16, 2006


Happy Bloomsday, everyone! No, it's not, sadly, a day for all things Orlando. You know, it's the day when we're all supposed to dress up like early 20th century-ers and wander around acting out scenes from Ulysses--if we happen to be in Dublin. And if we're not, we can check out these links! (BTW, I did finally finish the Big U, after many, many years of slogging through. I can admire it as the revolutionary work of art it is, but don't have the feelings of "love it, adore it, can't live without it" I have for, say, Persusasion or Middlemarch. Would love to hear everyone else's view on it, though).


Betty S said...

HaHa! I immediately thought of Orlando.

Kelli McBride said...

I'd much rather it was Orlando day (saw an interview with him for Pirates 2 - he was in full pirate shirt, swarth swashbuckling gear - yum). Or Bloomsday could be a celebration of all things Bloom County (herring snacks, sniffing dandelions, DeathTongue).

Sadly, though, it is Joyce. Bleck.