Sunday, June 07, 2009

Busy Sunday

Today I am diving into the "finishing touches" edits of Countess of Scandal, hoping to be done by tomorrow. So I'm playing the Marie Antoinette soundtrack very loudly to help me along (sorry, neighbors! I know you must be totally sick of hearing "Aphrodisiac" and "I Want Candy"...)

What music gets you inspired when you would really rather watch TV or go to Target than write???


Tracy Grant said...

Good luck with the revisions! I always play music when I'm writing. I usually pick a composer (usually opera) for each book and play a lot of that composer while I'm writing that book (it helps me work out the book's unique tone). But I also play a lot of movie scores. The scores to "Shakespeare in Love," and "The Man in the Iron Mask," and "Pirates of the Caribbean" are particularly propulsive when I'm pushing up against a deadline. The score to the recent "Pride & Prejudice" (which I have playing now) is nice and soothing and a good doorway into the Regency when I'm trying to get my mind working.

Amanda McCabe said...

I'm a huge fan of soundtracks for setting the writing mood! Already have "Shakespeare in Love" and "Pirates," need to look for P&P

Kwana said...

I love that soundtrack! Must find it.

My music depends on my mood. It's hard to pin down.

Bill said...

Soundtracks are excellent to write to. I find that it's helpful to listen to instrumental music as vocals tend to be disruptive to the process (thanks Cognitive Psychology class for that tidbit). For writing, my iTunes playlist has anything from classical to techno.