Miss Fortescue's Protector in Paris

Miss Fortescue's Protector in Paris
Book 3, Debutantes in Paris! May, 2018

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

What I love today--summertime tomatoes from the garden! (Or the farmers' market, which is another thing I love). I have a small back yard, and in the summer I keep a corner of it for some vegetables. This year I put in 4 tomato plants, more than last year, but it's been so rainy and wet this season that they haven't done very well. (Plus there is a squirrel or possum that eats them at night! Abigail, the Scourge of Squirrels, can't patrol all the time).

But I've managed to get a few of the lovely, red, juicy tomatoes and used them in pasta and green salads (greens from that farmers' market!), and with mozzarella in a salad caprese. I love the earthy smell of them, the summer-y taste that is so unlike anemic winter supermarket tomatoes. These, along with fresh raspberries and peaches, are one of the best things of the season. When I was a kid, my grandmother (who had the greenest of green thumbs) kept an enormous garden and a small orchard, and I loved to go out there with her and pick veggies for dinner and fruit for pies. I've always lived in a city, except for visiting the grandparents, and the fact that you could pick something and eat it hours later was amazing to me! :) I don't have a gift for growing things, but I think about them when I pick my few tomatoes.

(CB I Hate Perfume has a scent called Memory of Kindness. The website says it's "The shinging green scent of tomato vines growing in the fresh earth of a country garden." I haven't tried it, but it sounds wonderful)


Angelina Barbin said...

Amanda, my memories of tomato plants aren't very fond. When I was a child I had the job of picking worms off our plants. Even though we lived in Las Vegas, NV, my Dad could get anything to grow. Sadly I didn't inherit his green thumb.


Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack/Laurel McKee said...

Ugh!! Luckily I have not encountered worms this season. (but every time I try to grow roses, bugs get them)