Sunday, February 07, 2010

Big Sunday!

You all know what today is--Puppy Bowl! (I know, there's another game on, too, but for me it's all about the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. And about the buffalo wings and guacamole)

And for your Bowl party (either Super or Puppy), here are a couple interesting cocktail ideas (easy, too, because who wants to work hard at a Bowl game?):

The Pregame (because the pregame show starts hours before the game--you need something to keep you busy!)
2 oz. gin
Top off with Ruby Pomegranate Juice
A dash of orange bitters
A lime
Run the lime around the rim of a lowball or juice glass and press into a plate of salt. Fill with ice, pour in the ingredients and gently stir. (Or you can mix up a pitcher of this simply by filling a pitcher with ice, adding gin 1/3 of the way up and topping it off with the juice. Plenty for everyone! Add the orange bitters to taste, plant yourself on the couch, and enjoy)

The Sideline
2 oz. Apple Cognac
1.5 oz. Ginger Liqueur
1 oz. lemon juice
Run a lime or lemon wedge around the edge of a martini glass and press into a bowl of sugar (I like a chilled glass, too!) Fill a shaker with ice and ingredients, shake well, strain the cocktail into your glass.

(And there's the delicious-sounding Who Dat Cocktail...)

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