Monday, August 09, 2010

Hottie Monday

Today's Hottie Monday is a little different, born out of a heated debate at a recent girls' night out with mojitos and guacamole--who are the actors you find attractive that no one else (or few people you know) does? Here are a few of mine, though I'm sure I'm forgetting some. What do you think? Who are yours???

Jemaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords (because funny is sexy!)

David Tennant

James McAvoy (I was surprised he fell under this category--all I can say is some people must not have seen his shirtless scene in Macbeth)

Stephen Dillane (if you haven't seen John Adams or Firelight go see them immediately! I'll wait...)

Benedict Cumberbatch (an odd one--he can seem like the most weaselly man alive in Starter for Ten or Small Island, but intense in stuff like The Last Enemy and that one Miss Marple mystery. Can't wait until they show the new BBC Sherlock Holmes here)


Jane George said...

James McAvoy is perfect! Don't know what those other folks are talkin' about.

Mega-talent makes people sexy - so my list would include, Giovanni Ribisi, Tom Holland, Gary Oldman and possibly Philip Seymour Hoffman. His abilities are boundless, but alas his characters are almost universally unappealing.

I just love the fact that Flight of the Conchordes is even on TV!

Susanna Fraser said...

Christopher Eccleston is my hottie that few other people get. That voice! The intensity of his eyes!

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee said...

Oh yes, how could I forget Christopher Eccleston or Gary Oldman?? He was yum in the Harry Potter movies. :)

Jill said...

You forgot Rowan Atkinson! :)