Saturday, November 05, 2005

Guy Fawkes Day

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! "Remember, remember the 5th of November." Hope you light a bonfire and give "a penny for the guy". :)

In news totally unrelated to trying to blow up Parliament (hopefully), someone sent me a list from Esquire magazine titled "59 Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30". It was funny, and, in many cases, oh so unfortunately true. Here are a few favorites:
Coin his own nickname
Name his penis his name plus "junior"
Hang "The Scream"--unless he stole it from the Munch museum in Oslo
Shout out a response to "Are you ready to rock?"
Use the word "collated" on his resume
Name pets after Middle Earth characters
Give shout-outs
Wear Disney-theme ties
Wake up to a "morning zoo"
Air drum
Eat Oreo cookies in stages
Sleep on a bare mattress
Hold his lighter up at a concert
Propose via stadium Jumbotron
Google the word "vagina"
Sport an ironic mustache
Purchase at-home brewing paraphenalia
The John Travolta point to the ceiling point to the floor dance move; also that one from Pulp Fiction
Read The Fountainhead
Watch the Pink Floyd laser show at a planetarium
Refer to his girlfriend's breasts as "the twins"
Say goodbye to anyone by tapping his chest and even so much as whispering "Peace out"

So, peace out, dudes, and I'll see you tomorrow. :)


Kelli McBride said...

Mandy, I've sent you two emails and they've both come back. What's up?

Amanda McCabe said...

I dunno, Kells--I haven't gotten any email from you in a long time, but I did send a couple and they never bounced back. :(

Kelli McBride said...

I sent you a positive cornucopia of Renaissance Florence links. That's the message that keeps coming back. Did you get it?

Cicero_speaks said...

I still have a few black velvet Elvis paintings and I still do the Sammy Sosa peace sign (from the lips to the heart...if you've seen it you know what I mean) to all my that wrong? :)

Cicero_speaks said...

I was dreaming last night and Guy Fawkes said "OI! Methinks we need more postings on Amanda's Blog!"

I agreed yet I had to stop and consider how amazing it was that the spirit of Guy Fawkes so hip as to know what a Web Log was. Cor Blimey! :)

btw, Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated here in Tulsa by a club whose members fancy driving the tiny, yet sporty, British mechanical perambulators known as Triumphs. hmmm...

Peace Out!

Amanda McCabe said...

I'm glad to know that not only is Guy Fawkes Internet savvy, but he reads my blog. :)