Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mid-week things

This week is fund raiser time at work, so I'm kinda frazzled (and blue, since Halloween is over for a whole other year!). But if you want to see something scary (post-Halloween, post-Day of the Dead) check out

And be sure and help me round out my fantasy Byron movie cast. :)

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Kelli McBride said...

Hmmm. Orlando could be the narrator - perhaps the person sent to Britain to bring back Byron's body after he died in Greece. So the story is told in flashbacks. Maybe Orlando finds Byron's journal - the secret Byron few knew, and as he reads, we see the action carried out, but there are plenty of moments between flashbacks for Orlando to ponder the complexity of Byron as he sails back to Britain.

As for actresses:
Christini Ricci could work as Mary if she can do a British accent. Mary was very dark, and think of Ricci in the Addam's Family - perfect.

We need a blonde for Claire Claremeont, so I think Reese Witherspoon could work. She could capture the conniving vixen behind Claire's "poor me" act.

And I, of course, would be the buxom maid on the ship that Orlando finds consolation with as he struggles to balance the two sides of Byron - the social deviant and the poetic hero. ;-p