Friday, February 17, 2006

Dancing shocker!

Just finished watching Dancing With the Stars, and I was shocked--shocked, I tell you!!--that Jerry stayed and Lisa went. Now, I think I like them both about equally (and honestly, I was always a bit scared Lisa's lips might burst in a gory waltzing accident), but it was obvious she was becoming the stronger dancer. Ah, well. Now we'll see what happens next week. (My prediction--and it's not a hard one to call--it will be between Drew and Stacey). Now I'm watching ice dancing at the Olympics. Don't you just love the contrast between the ice skating commentary and, say, snowboarding halfpipe?

If it wasn't sleeting out, I might have to go get a Hot Chocolate Choxie bar after reading all the comments! That is one yummy bar. The Choxie Toffee is also great. :))


Betty S said...

Okay. I will publically admit, I don't know what a Choxie bar is.

Now since it can apparently involve chocolate, I think I'm going to have to check it out.

Amanda McCabe said...

Hey Betty! Choxie is just a new brand of chocolate at Target, but they have some unusual flavors. They also have some great dessert cakes. :)

Betty S said...

And isn't it just amazing that I happen to know where a Target is. I'm going to have to check this out.

Kelli McBride said...

I too was a bit shocked that Lisa was voted off, but not too much. I knew Jerry had a larger fan base. Shoot, he might end up winning because I can imagine him earning more fan votes than Stacie or Drew.

Hey! Yay for Tanith and Ben - a silver medal!! And wasn't the competition interesting because of Margoglio and Fuser-Poli, the Italians. But they managed to skate an impressive dance tonight - I think they would have medaled had they not fallen last night.

Ammanda, are you dissing the halfpipe? I have found the snowboarding events the most fun so far. I love the way the snowboarders pump up the crowd and then congratulate each other after each run. It's such an upbeat feeling.

Amanda McCabe said...

Not at all! In fact, I was pointing out that I much prefer their "super-stoked" attitudes than the ice skating commentators "Oh, no. That will be a mandatory 2 point deduction on that triple salkow. She is not skating to her potential tonight." :)

I was kind of hoping that Italian woman would actually slap her partner when she got done glaring, but no such luck. LOL