Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! You know, even though I write romances, I'm a bit of a curmudgeon about Valentine's Day. I like pink roses and chocolates as much as anyone, but come on--it's easy to be romantic one day a year, when there are ads all over the place to remind you. What about romance every day??? Or at least remembering to pick your dirty clothes up off the floor. :)

A couple of years ago, I made the mistake of agreeing to a blind date on this day. This year, I'm doing it right. Watching Shakespeare in Love for, oh, the 473rd time, and eating some of that spicy Choxie from Target. (BTW, a big, sarcastic Thanks A Lot to Kay for telling me about this stuff--I had to try it and now I'm addicted!)

Have a great day, with roses and chocolates and bears holding hearts! Let me know what your best Valentine's story is.

p.s. The pic is of my grandparents when they first got engaged. They were married 54 years, but I don't know if they ever celebrated a properr Valentine's Day. :)


Betty S said...

My husband is the romantic in the family. He gets sentimental about everything. What is it about us romance writers that makes us more circumspect about it? Or maybe it is just you and me. Hmmm.

Hope you had a good one.
I spent the 14th at Baptist hospital. Yuck. But I'm doing well today.

Rinda Elliott said...

Hugs, Betty!

I spent the afternoon being in charge of Sugar Hell. Third grade Valentine's party and thought I was pulling duty alone. Another mom showed up to help. We played bingo and they ate sugar. Lots of sugar.

Hubby took us out for dinner but he ended up getting angry with the slow service and food. I'm bummed cause I loved that restaurant.

Okay, tell me which Choxie. I've been eyeballing that stuff.

Kay-Kay said...

Ah! The opportunity to create another convert!! The infamous and addictive Choxie bar would be the "Hot Chocolate Bar" with dark chocolate, cinnamon, ginger and chipotle pepper. Sounds funky but is very, very tasty.

Rinda Elliott said...

Actually, it sounds really, really interesting. Hmmm... I may have to take a trip to Target today.

Every year for Valentine's, my hubby buys Joseph Schmidt chocolates which cost a fortune here since they're shipped from California. I eat one every night and it takes forever to eat just one because they are so rich. The smaller the bite, the more the flavor just floats on your tongue.

Some of the fillings: All Dark, All Milk, Cappuccino, Champagne, Cherry, Irish Cream, Jamaican Rum, Peanut Butter Prailine, Raspberry Brandy, Strawberry Brandy, and White Rum.

I have the website for online ordering or if you're in Oklahoma, Edward James Province gift stores carry them. Worth every penny.

Betty S said...

My husband has given me "4" LARGE boxes of chocolates this year.
(1 sugar free, 1 dark chocolate, 1 turtles, and 1 mixed assortment)

I think he is feeling bad that I am sick on Valentine's Day. Of course, if I eat all that I'll be back in the hospital again with heart failure.