Tuesday, February 28, 2006

End of the Month

First, I have to call shenanigans on the Dancing With the Stars finale on Sunday!

Second, I posted last night at Risky Regencies. There is a great discussion going on there about writing methods, inspirations, etc.

Third, I had a wonderful time in Fort Worth at the women's conference this weekend, so thanks Betty for taking me along! Pics posted here soon, stay tuned. :)


Kay-Kay said...

Now, as much as I love Stacy and Tony and rooted for them the entire series, I have to admit that the Thursday freestyle performance was REALLY disappointing. I think we can all imagine the amount of skill required to lift a woman who's a few inches taller than you (and who has legs taller than I am)over your head but still--that's all they could come up with? So, it wasn't much of a surprise to me that things didn't turn out so well for them in the finale.
I have to say that I'd much rather have Jerry and Anna come 2nd than Lisa (who must have had the fat from her chicken legs injected into those lips) and Louis (Dutch mullet-that's all I'm sayin').

Betty S said...

I had a wonderful time, too. No need for thanks. Good company is always welcome.

Can't wait for the pics.

Amanda McCabe said...

LOL on the Dutch mullett!! I was always halfway afraid her lips would suddenly burst in a gory cha-cha accident. Too right on the free dance. I've found Drew to be oddly annoying trhough most of the competition, but his cowboy schtick was fun. Still, Stacey was the best through most of the contest, and I was sad to see her eliminated. Can't wait for the next series!

Kay-Kay said...

I forgot to mention that last Friday night, in lieu of the regular Dancing with the Stars results show, we had the most horrible local TV production called "Tulsa Celebrity Dance"--featuring two unknown ABC affiliate employees, two local radio people, an old guy that owns most of the local car dealerships and a dancer/cheerleader for the semi-pro basketball team I didn't even realize we had paired with "professionals" from a local dance school. It was completely craptastic, but I couldn't not watch.

Kelli McBride said...

I must respectfully disagree. Drew and Cheryl were the most consistently superior over the course of the show. Stacy's tango and waltz were frigid. If her legs weren't gorgeous, she wouldn't have received such high marks. And I really hated having to listen to Bruno slime all over her. Ick: "You are a weapon of mass seduction." I wish Carrie Anne Inaba would have taken off her high heel and done all women a service by slicing open his jugular.

Amanda McCabe said...

Ohmigosh. I must see Tulsa Celebrity Dance.

Kay-Kay said...

Alas (or is it thank goodness?), it was a one-off special which I promptly deleted off our DVR after shamefully watching it.

Actually, I only watched the dancing parts. The parts where they talked to the judges (the exceedingly effeminate "style" columnist for the Tulsa World, some woman, and Emilio himself of Emilio's Piano Bar and Restaurant fame)I just fast-forwarded through.