Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blog Slack Strikes Again!

Wow, I really have not updated here in a while! But I promise to be better. Halloween pics will be up later this week, plus I hope to have some Official Writing News very soon (want to wiat until it all settled before I start shouting from the rooftops!)

In the meantime, I missed posting about Guy Fawkes Day last Sunday! To plan for next years celebration (bonfires in the backyard!) here are a couple good websites:
Guy Fawkes 1
Guy Fawkes 2

And my reaction after seeing the fabulous performances on Dancing With the Stars last night is that they should keep all 3 in the finals, like they did with the last 4 in Project Runway. They are so close there is just no choosing between them at this point. And what was with the complete waste of Il Divo in last week's results show??? I tuned in just to see them (I usually just watch the last five minutes) and they only did one measly song? Shenanigans!

Who are you voting for? Joey, Emmitt, or Mario?

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chrystal casey said...

I have to say Emmitt. I am a die hard Cowboys fan and I think he could dance all over his partner's feet and I would still have to vote for him. Just love me some Emmitt.