Thursday, November 16, 2006

DWTS final

So, what did everyone think about the Dancing With the Stars final??? I voted for Mario, but I did like Emmitt, too, so I am not terribly sad. But Karina certainly did not look happy. I was waiting for her to pull Cheryl's hair out while screaming, "Beatch!!! You have a trophy, this one is MINE!" But alas, nothing so uncivilized happened--at least not in front of the cameras....

Now there will be no DWTS and no PR, at least not until next year. I have to get back into the groove of line edits, galleys, deadlines, and publicity. Plus the holidays. I'm sure you'll be hearing plenty of whining from me in the next few weeks (good whining, though!). In the meantime, I may sign up for a samba class.

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Anonymous said...

I was torn on this final because Mario and Karina were so good, but Emmitt and Cheryl were great as well. What settled it for me was attitude. Emmitt and Cheryl were always professional and respectful, but I can't say the same for Mario and Karina. Even the week that they broke the rules of the dance and got chastised for it, they acted like they were picked on. Mario also seems like a bit of a twit at times. So I was quite happy. I wonder if they're even going to let Cheryl compete next season? ;-)

I can't wait!!