Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day and RR

In honor of Veteran's Day, I thought I would post a photo of my grandfather, who served in the South Pacific in WWII. He never talked about that time very much, but then he didn't talk much at all. But he did teach me to use power tools, much to my grandmother's chagrin, and told me made-up fairytales about magical snakes who wore tennis shoes. I miss you, Granddad!

Be sure and check over at Risky Regencies for my post today. We're starting a new contest this week, and I announce my book news! Harlequin Mills and Boon/Historicals has bought 3 of my books. The first one will be out in summer '07 (A Kiss of Poison, set in Renaissance Venice!)!!!


chrystal casey said...

That's great news

Gena Showalter said...

Major congrats!!!