Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

What I love today--pretty covers! Two of my covers (Spirited Brides and The Winter Queen) are up for the Historical category at the Cover Cafe contest. (Vote here!)

I do love a gorgeous cover. While a great cover won't make me BUY a book alone, it will make me pick a book up off the shelf and read the back cover. And if that sounds good, I might buy it. I suspect I'm not alone in this, so yay for the power of the good cover! (And boo on the evil of a hideous cover).

My friends Nicola Cornick and Anna Campbell both have lovely covers on their upcoming books:

I would definitely pick up these books even if they weren't my friends! The green and the yellow are a bit unusual for a romance (though I've been seeing a lot more yellow lately), and very eye-catching. And I'm in love with my own December cover for Duchess of Sin:

What are some covers you've seen lately you loved? What catches your eye and makes you pick up the book? What do you hate?


Kwana said...

These are very pretty. I'm going to vote now.

Keira Soleore said...

Oooh, I'm pleased WINTER QUEEN's up for voting. Loved that cover.

Nicola's been blessed by the cover gods lately. Hooray for her!!

As have you, my dear, and rarely, by BOTH your publishers.