Monday, April 26, 2010

Hottie Monday (And Blog Visits!)

Happy Monday everyone! I'm at 2 different blogs today talking about "The Muses of Mayfair"--Kwana's Blog (where I am giving away a complete trilogy!) and tomorrow at The Naked Hero. Also tomorrow I'll be launching book 2, To Deceive a Duke, at the Riskies. And To Catch a Rogue got this lovely review from The Season. Whew!

And The Tudors has had its season 4 premier! It's even crazier than ever--all Catherine H. and her friends need is a keg and they have a real frat party going on. And I am not liking Henry Cavill's "wild pirate beard." I guess it's meant to show that he is now Old (much like the fact that JRM has gained maybe 10 pounds and has a few fake gray streaks in his hair makes him the disgusting old Henry VIII...), but they are ruining the hunkiest guy on the whole show! I do like these pics here though. :))

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Kwana said...

Oh so hot. Thanks for visiting over at my blog.