Sunday, August 21, 2005

Home again!

Well, I got back from vacation late last night, and have just started to make a few inroads on the mountain of laundry I brought back! It was wonderful to get away, didn't get as much writing done as I wanted but I did get in a considerable amount of lazing by the pool. And I even did some business by going to the LERA meeting (so I can pretend to be a contributing member of the chapter!), and saw some friends there (hi, Gabi!). Then I took in the Maria Benitez Teatro Flamenco in Santa Fe (a MUST for any dance fan, these people are amazingly talented--and the men ain't half-bad looking, either. LOL), saw Turnadot at the Santa Fe Opera, and had the best chocolatini ever at the Stakeout in Taos. The key is vanilla vodka, FYI. And finally got around to reading The Historian during those poolside afternoons. A long book, of course, but a very good one. It was a complete page-turner. And it tells you everything you ever wanted to know about 15th century Balkan monasticism. :)

BTW, I'm on a blog with Cara King, Megan Frampton, Janet Mullany, and Elena Greene titled Risky Regencies (, we're just getting started with the fun, so come and visit us when you get a chance!!!

Now it's back to cleaning the house, and getting ready for work tomorrow. Sigh. Why do vacations have to end anyway? Hopefully I'll have something funny to post here tomorrow to start the week.


Cara King said...

Don't forget Laurie Bishop! She's on the blog too.

And welcome back from vacation, Amanda! You know, you're really making curious about chocolatinis... :-)

Cara King,

Amanda McCabe said...

Of course!!! How could I forget Laurie? One more great reason to check out our new blog :)