Tuesday, August 09, 2005

JA answers

Well, it seems that despite Kelli's efforts some of her answers were a bit, er, off. LOL. Here are the real answers:

1) Emma Woodhouse
2) Sotherton
3) Whist
4) Ward
5) Collarbone
6) Broadwood
7) Eliza
8) Catherine Morland
9) Heir At Law
10) Muslin
11) A snug farmhouse
12) Gowland's Lotion
13) M and A
14) Meryton
15) The Laconia
16) Steward

And don't forget I'll be in the chat room at The Mystic Castle tonight, 8:00 CST. Drop in if you have a minute! :)


Kelli McBride said...

I like some of mine better. FYI, the HMS Raging Queen was the name of the manly ship in the Saturday Night Live skit, MILES COWPERTHWAITE, with Michael Palin. It was a spoof of Dickens. One of my all-time fav SNL recurring characters.

I though Mount Rushworth was rather clever. ;-)

Amanda McCabe said...

I definitely think Mount Rushworth has a greater flair than the real name. Too bad JA didn't ask OUR opinion. :)