Thursday, October 27, 2005

Misc. thoughts

Just a couple random musings:

I noticed my friend Megan Frampton blogged a couple days ago about those "how to write/writer's life" lists and their questions about "The Muse", how to summon it, succor it, whatever. I have also seen posts like this, and they always make me feel bad because, well, I don't think I have Muse. Maybe this is my big problem as a writer. I do have a very tiny elf that sits on my shoulder and shrieks in my ear, "Dammit, Amanda, quit blog-hopping and write your stupid book! Car insurance doesn't pay for itself, y'know!" It's very irritating, and I'm pretty sure would never be placated by scented candles and annoying music. I'd much rather have a Muse, which sounds so pleasant and pretty. Maybe it could even look like Orlando.

The British magazine "Total Film" recently announced that they have a list of the Top 100 Bestest Films Ever (because no one has done THAT before), but thus far they have only revealed their Top 10. Here are the Tippy Top 5: GoodFellas, Vertigo, Jaws, Fight Club, Godfather Part II. To this list I can only say--WTF?

Which is better, a cosmo or a mojito?


Cicero_speaks said...

You know Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings was an elf. So the elf on your shoulder can be him. ;)

On the issue of Muses...I need to get one post haste so I can get inspiration and finish this darn dissertation. Maybe mine would be a Bulldog named "Porkchop" or perhaps "Winston" and he can snap at me when I procrastinate!

Which drinky is better? I say Mojitos in the summertime and cosmos when it's cold, yet fabulous, outside. :)

The Navy Blue suit of drinks (that is, good year round) would be the vodka martini natch!

Cicero_speaks said...

Btw, if you had to pick your Tippy Top 5 movies...what would it be?

Megan Frampton said...

Mojito, hands down. And, just to be controversial, I say year-round, too.

I don't have a muse. I've just got a continual bunch of scenes scrolling around in my head and characters I'd like to know.

One of these days I'm going to email you a pic of my husband when he had waist-length blond hair--when we saw LOTR 1, we stared at each other when Legolas came on-screen. Looked a lot like the spouse.

Cara King said...

Your spouse looks like Legolas??? Wow, Megan, some women have all the luck!!!!!

As to that top 5 -- I look at that list and think "violent, violent, violent, violent, violent." Wow. And it really leans toward modern movies.

I wouldn't argue that my favorite five movies are the best five movies ever... I suppose if I were to try to pick five that satisfied both criteria, it might be something like:

-- Singin' in the Rain
-- Shakespeare in Love
-- Star Wars
-- His Girl Friday
-- A Room With a View

(Much less violent list!)


Megan Frampton said...

You know, I laud my husband's looks so much, you all will meet him and say (to yourselves, if not me), "Hmph. He's not all that."

So pretend I said he was a troll with ear hair. Then you'll be really impressed.

My favorite movies (not claiming them as the best, just ones I really like):

The Last Waltz
Big Sleep
House of Flying Daggers
Lion In Winter

Amanda, what're yours?

Amanda McCabe said...

I have to echo Cara here--your husband looks like Legolas??? OK, Megan, it's official, I hate you. :)

And I have now changed my image of my nagging writing elf from a tiny little annoying creature with green skin to Orlando, lounging next to my desk, urging me in his yummy accent to please do hurry up and finish that book, we have so many more important things to take care of. Maybe the quality of my writing will improve immensely.

Hmmm, my top five favorite movies. That's a tough one. Just out of curiosity, I searched some movie review sites for other "top movie" lists. Roger Ebert lists his top 5 as: Aguire Wrath of God, Apocalypse Now, Citizen Kane, Dekalog, and La dolce vita. Now, my list would not be Great Cinema like that, because I'm just too shallow. Here are some favorites:
Funny Face
Shakespeare in Love
The English Patient
Room With a View (because Cara is just so right)
Breakfast at Tiffany's

And I do like Titanic, but only because I really, really lust after those clothes. I would kill for that big purple hat. :) And The Awful Truth. OK, that's top 7.

Megan Frampton said...

I love Room With A View, too. Before Julian Sands got all weird and stuff.