Sunday, October 23, 2005

Weekend things

So, I got my Orlando fix yesterday, and went to the movies with my friend Kelli (another Orlando-phile) to see ELIZABETHTOWN. This was a bit of a mixed bag, though I would definitely recommend it, because the parts that were good were very good, and the parts that weren't so good weren't "horrid", just annoying because they took away from the good parts (clear enough for you?). I saw on Roger Ebert's review today (I don't really like to read too many reviews before I see a movie, but do check them out afterwards) that 18 minutes were cut from the original version, the one seen at Toronto. IMO, they should have cut more. The aunt and uncle, the "Free Bird" cousin and his annoying kid, the multiple discussions of cremation vs. burial in the blue suit, the long stand-up routine by Susan Sarandon that (I'm sorry) just brings the film to a screeching halt--they need to go. Orlando and Kirsten Dunst were adorable, and their super-cute romance and Drew's own personal journey should have been the number one focus at all times. The extra-long phone call and the road trip were terrific (he was in OKC, and we missed it!!! Waaa!), the goofy Southern couple Chuck and Cindy and their nuptial celebrations were hilarious. And Orlando was gorgeous. So--thumbs up, with a few reservations. Now I'm looking forward to PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and the new Zorro movie.

It made a great break from the research fest on Tudor England, that's for sure. And now I can blog about it, and thus waste time not vacuuming or making the bed or getting ready for work tomorrow. Perfect. And speaking of tomorrow--I'll be at Risky Regencies, so visit me there. Back here Tuesday.

And, yes, I know the pic isn't from ELIZABETHTOWN, it's from KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, but I like it, so here it is. :)


Kelli McBride said...

I agree, Mandy. I think Cameron Crowe was trying to give us a look at the southern way rather than a story about Drew. That's the only explanation that can account for the other subplots that seemed puzzling and really not developed enough to have merit in the film (or even connected to the personal journey that Drew is on).

As I said in my blog, if you are from a large southern family, like I am, you can appreciate these other bits because it's like seeing your own kinfolk up there. I could stretch and see the reason for the whole family gathering, fighting over funeral arrangements, etc.

But I am completely puzzled about what the Josh and Samson subplot (with the Ruckus reunion) had to do with anything other than that it dealt with fathers and sons. However, nothing much was made of Drew and his father's relationship other than they had kept postponing a roadtrip because they were busy. But they seemed to have a good relationship otherwise, not like Josh and his father and Josh and his son. So what the relevance was there, I have no idea.

Still, Orlando is divine. ;-)

Kay-Kay said...

I agree that it was puzzling and took you away from the cutesy budding love story, but personally, I loved the bit about Samson--granted, I spend my working day surrounded by 5 or 6 Samsons at a time--and "Rudy's Learning to Listen, part 8". Where do you think I can get a copy of that? :)

Amanda McCabe said...

LOL! I can definitely see that that would be a useful tool in your line of work, Kay-Kay. Maybe we can find a pirated version somewhere. :) Though I wonder how long it would work...

And Kelli rightly pointed out that the fact that the cousin just went on playing Free Bird while a room that contained his child caught on fire just points out that his father was right--he's NOT mature enough to be a father! :)