Saturday, April 11, 2009

Red Lipstick Help!

Slumber party update--all went well! There was much running, shrieking, gossiping, Wii-playing, then settling down to watch Twilight. (We watched the whole movie, then there were various requests to re-watch some scenes, so that took up a good 3-4 hours. It's tough to gawk at Robert Pattinson that long, but I'm a good godmother and did it for the kids...)

So, something else that's been vexing me. I've been in a lipstick rut for a long time. I'm addicted to pinky-rosy-beigey lippies, and clear-pinky glosses and balms (like Bobbi Brown balm in Petal--love that stuff). But lately I've decided to branch out, try something that's scared me for a long time. Red lipstick.

Now, I have heard many times that there is the right red out there for everyone, we just have to be patient and persevere (sounds like dating, huh?). I haven't yet found the right red, maybe because I try one or two, they don't work out, and I give up in exhaustion (also like dating!). But I want to be old-school glamorous sometimes, like Dita Von Teese or something, so I'm trying again.

I am trying three right now. MAC Russian Red, Clinique Angel Red, and Chanel Fire (I have heard good things about Poppy King's Medieval and Saint Red, but this line isn't available anywhere near where I live!). The MAC is pretty good. I am very pale, with pinky skin, dark hair, blue eyes, and I have a hard time drawing "inside the lines" when applying lipstick (maybe why I stick to pink glosses?). Any suggestions needed!!!


Kwana said...

No help on the red lipstick. It's so hard and so personal. You just have to deal with the department store trial and error or the drug store but you can't try on there. Tough call. I go for deeper reds when I wear them.

I'm glad the slumber party went well. You are a great godmother!

Amanda McCabe said...

"It's so hard and so personal."

Sigh. So true. It's even harder because I'm self-conscious about my teeth and red lippies seem to emphasize that. Maybe I will just stick with pinks :)

Jane George said...

Try a true red to blue red, steer away from cadmium or orange-reds. Try outlining with a lip pencil first and apply lipstick with a brush. Putting foundation on lips first with a sponge can help.

I say go for it while you're young, by the time you're my age dark red lips say Cruella deVille, not Dita Von Teese!

You can always go into Sephora and scream, "Help!" It's worked for me, that's how I found Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer!