Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

So, yesterday I was feeling a bit down. It's been raining and gray here for what feels like 2,176 days in a row, and I like sunshine (I doubt I could live in the Northeast, pretty as it is there!). And I'm working on a small snag in the WIP, and I had to get a tooth filling. One thing I like to do when I get these blue-ish feelings is go to Target and wander around. Target is one of my happy places. :)

I went there yesterday, and I was so glad I did! The Halloween aisle was up, and I LUV the Halloween aisle at Target. This is my favorite holiday. There's no family tension and stressful present-buying like Christmas, just costumes and candy and Gothic-y fun. Plus it's in the autumn, my favorite season. What's not to love??? I spent a happy hour looking at talking tombstones, Disney Princess costumes for my dogs (yes, I admit it--I dress up my dogs for Halloween. They seem to love me anyway), skeleton salad tongs and bowls, and bags of chocolate. It cheered me right up, and I even thought through the snarl in my book. (plus I found a pretty dress in the clothing section).

Yay Target! Yay Halloween! I'm sure they will both be featured in many more Things I Love Thursday in the future...


Kwana said...

So much fun. They really do have the best Halloween isle. I agree. So sorry about the rain and the tooth.

Jane George said...

I do the same thing at Target! I kinda keep track of the titles they prefer to stock and their publishing houses too. And I heard a rumor that Anna Sui was designing a line of Gossip Girl-inspired clothing for Target.

I was wondering yesterday if the Halloween stuff was out? Glad to hear it. And the thing about my Target, which is enormous, is that the parking garage beneath makes the floor bounce. So you're never sure if it's the floor or an earthquake. Oh that Target, one exciting place! :-)

Amanda McCabe said...

I was hoping the Anna Sui clothes would be out, but not at this store yet! I can't wait to see her interpretation of "Gossip Girl" styles (and ones I can actually afford, LOL)

The only thing I don't like at this Target is that their book section is very poor--only a few romances

Jane Austen said...

I just bought my dog a strawberry costume. She is really funny in it. She prances.

While the book section may not have a lot of good romances in it I do always love to check out their "Breakout" books. I've found some great authors that way. The one I found, Seeing Me Naked by Liza Palmer, cause me to completely change my life.