Tuesday, July 12, 2005

August books

Got my August RT today, and I have to say my "to be bought" list for August looks a bit sparse. Good thing I have approximately 50,000 books already in my TBR pile. This is what I plan to buy:

Susan Carroll's The Courtesan (really, really looking forward to this one!)
Lynn Kerstan's Dangerous Passions
Judith Laik's The Lady in Question
Victoria Hinshaw's Least Likely Lovers (these last 2 from Zebra's almost-last batch of Regencies, sadly)
They also reviewed Ashley Gardener's Sudbury School Murders, but I think I already have that one.

And, since I've been a slacker about posting Orlando pics, here's a new one. Just because I feel like it. :)


Kay-Kay said...

Speaking of Orlando, I saw a new preview over the weekend for his next movie, "Elizabethtown". He plays American--a failing city boy who goes to Kentucky to meet the other side of the family when his dad dies. I could swear that I saw Paula Deen from the Food Network as some sort of relative....Also involves some sort of cute love story with Kirsten Dunst as a flight attendant, for what that's worth.

Amanda McCabe said...

Wow, 2 Orlando films in one summer! Such bliss :)