Saturday, September 24, 2005

Quiz mania

I was supposed to finish up my WIP today (the Venetian book that won't die), but instead I went to and took a bunch of quizzes to help me on my path to self-realization. (Bad Amanda, bad!) Here were some of my results:

Which romantic comedy heroine are you? Katherine Harrison, Julia Roberts' character in America's Sweethearts (I've never seen this movie, so I will have to take the quiz's word for it. At least I wasn't J.Lo in Shall We Dance)

Which Greek god are you? Athena (rock on! I always wanted an owl and some armor)

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you? Napoleon Dynamite (sweeet)

If you were a Barbie, which messed up version would you be? Sorority Slut Barbie (that's hot)

Which famous boyfriend would you get? Orlando!!! (natch)

What is your theme song? Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows (actually, this is a good choice for me, I think)

What paranormal being are you? A vampire

What alcoholic drink are you? A cocktail (as opposed to, say, beer or vodka)

Anyway, check out this site, they have dozens of fun quizzes and it's one of the best sites for time-suckage I've come across!


Cara King said...

How come you get Orlando, but I got Jake Gyllenhaal??? Okay, probably because I said I liked nice boys and quiet and books. :-)


Kelli McBride said...

She got Orlando because she cheats. He's mine, Mine, MINE!!!! So enjoy your quiz fantasyland. You will never know the luscious delights of elfin magic as only Legolas can demonstrate!!

Was that a but over the top? I never can tell. ;-)

Kelli McBride said...

OKay, I meant was that a BIT over the top.

It's too early to be both maniacal and an efficient typist.

Amanda McCabe said...

Now, Jake Gyllenhaal is not bad at all! Now, if I'd been given one of their other choices, like Ryan Cabrera, I might have to had to redo the whole quiz. And I did NOT cheat, Kells!!!