Friday, September 09, 2005

TV Friday

Short blog today, as I get ready for the weekend! I have to get ready to go to my friend Sheila's wedding this evening, which I'm really looking forward to. Any opportunity for wedding cake is a good time, IMO. :)

Bill sent me a link to a wondrous-sounding new show coming on this fall, Skating With the Stars (,1,17311,00html?news) As you know if you've read this blog before, I was obsessed with Dancing With the Stars--the cheesy costumes, the bright, glittery lights, the human drama!!! AND a dance-off is coming on Sept. 20, be ready to vote and make your voice heard. Skating With the Stars should be even better, aside from the threat of dire injury from a skate blade to the head during a poorly executed spin. Can't wait. Other than that, I'm not so fired up about the new season. Most of the shows either appear to be forensic/cop dramas (which I'm not much into) or paranormal things. Usually paranormal-type shows get hopelessly cornball on TV, and NOT in the good way Dancing With the Stars was. Though I have to say that Supernatural show on WB (the one with the dude who played Dean on Gilmore Girls) scared the s*** out of me just from the commercial. That's one I think I'd better miss.

I'll just have to stick with the tried-and-true from last season. Lost, House, Arrested Development, and my old guilty pleasure Gilmore Girls. Will the raft sink? What's in the pit? Will Luke marry Lorelai? It's all a great mystery.


Cara King said...

I love LOST and HOUSE too, Amanda! I think Hugh Laurie is terribly talented -- so glad he's got a chance to do drama now, and isn't just trapped by the brilliant (and bizarre) comic characters he played in the past... (I adore his Bertie Wooster and his Prinny, but that's not all he can do!)


Amanda McCabe said...

I totally agree, Cara! I'm a big Hugh Laurie fan, especially of Bertie Wooster--it's amazing that the same actor can brilliantly play both the silly-ass Bertie and the total curmudgeon House. I'll be rooting for him at the Emmys. :)