Sunday, March 05, 2006

High on a hill...

Last night, I went to the Sound of Music sing-along at the art museum theater. It was the most hilariously ridiculous fun I've had in ages! They didn't just play the movie and let you sing to the songs--there were props (see the invitation to the ball at left!), a costume parade (full of nuns, Nazis, goats, and Ray a Drop of Golden Sun). There were sound effects (we had to hiss every time the baroness entered; boo at the Nazis; and go "ahhhh" whenever little Gretl was cute. I have no voice today, from screeching out the "Do a deer" song (also with actions and sound effects), and from laughing until I thought I would fall off my chair. If this ever comes to "a theater near you" I highly recommend it. :))

And speaking of movies, here are Ammanda's crystal ball predictions for the Oscars tonight. We'll see how I did in the morning. Plus maybe review some dresses, my favorite part of the whole thing!

Best Picture--Brokeback Mountain (some say Crash, but I'm going with the cowboys)
Best Actor--Philip Seymour Hoffman (I haven't actually seen Capote yet, but he seems to be getting the most buzz and he has been excellent in everything I've seen him in. My personal choice would be Heath Ledger, though I would once have laughed in derision at the thought that he might deserve an Oscar!)
Best Actress--Reese Witherspoon (terrific, though I wouldn't mind seeing Keira Knightley win. She may have to settle for just being best dressed, as she was at the Golden Globes--IMO)
Supporting Actor--George Clooney (or maybe Paul Giammati, if they feel bad enough for criminally witholding a nom for Sideways last year!)
Supporting Actress--Rachel Weisz (Roger Ebert's favorite, Amy Adams, was great in Junebug, but Weisz was great, too. Both films, I think, were otherwise unfairly overlooked)
Director--Ang Lee
Costumes--toss-up between Pride and Prejudice and Memoirs of a Geisha. I'm going to go with P&P, by a nose. :)


Betty S said...

I want to go.
I want to go.
I want to go.
[she says while stomping on the floor]

Next year for sure.

Betty S said...

The only one you missed was Crash.
Not bad. I need to take you to Vegas.

Rinda Elliott said...

That sounds like a blast!

Good call on the Oscars. I was rooting for Brokeback, but I've still only read it...