Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Unrelated Mid-week Musings

The new job is working in the office at the Philharmonic. More hours! Better benefits! And they say they don't mind if I research or work on writing when things are slow, so I think it will be good all around. :)

In totally unrelated news, I spent a little time-wastage going to Quizzilla. I took their Which Goddess Would You Be? quiz, a fun little exercise with fab anime illustrations. Turns out I am "The Goddess of Wisdom" (no, not the godess of procrastination!). "Intelligent and always aware of what is going on...You usually prefer to be alone with a good book than with a large crowd, which means some people believe you are cold. However, this is the opposite, because you are actually a very warm person." Yeah.

And Bill send me the link to an article about the feud between the "Brokeback" people and the "Crash" people. It was quite entertaining, I will try and post the link tomorrow. Anyway, he suggested that maybe a feud between romance authors could get some publicity going. Any of my writer friends out there up for that? :)

Til tomorrow!


Betty S said...

Well, I went to quizilla to take the quiz and there were 3,124 "Which goddess are you" tests.

Could you give me a link?

Ended up Belly Dancing tonight after all. I'm already starting to feel sore.

slbianco said...

You crack me up, girl. Just missed having you on the LERA Loop and thought I'd drop in and see how you're faring. Well, I see.

Hope to chat with you later--you goddess! :)

Shannon, Editor
LERA Lyrics

Amanda McCabe said...

Good to "see" you here, Shannon!!! I just haven't had much to contribute on the LERA board for a while, but hope to be there for the May conference.

Betty, for some reason I can't get the link to work here, but it was just the "goddess" quiz on their list of "most popular" quizzes.