Monday, March 27, 2006

Two shout-outs

First, a very Happy (belated!) Birthday to Rinda! (For some reason, her blog doesn't like me to leave comments, so I'm just saying it here). I'll be nice and won't sing, though.

And a Big Congrats to Diane Gaston (aka Diane Perkins) on her RITA nomination for Best Regency (A Reputable Rake, Harlequin Mills and Boon, it's great)!!! I am so excited about this. Diane and I have been good friends ever since we were "matched up" in the Beau Monde mentor program. Not that much "mentoring" went on, but we have roomed together at RT and for over two weeks on the Splendors of the Regency tour in England. If you can room with someone for that long and not kill each other, it's a great friendship. :)


Rinda Elliott said...

Why thank you! I wonder why you can't comment. That's weird. Also sad.

Betty S said...

You can sing a belated Happy Birthday at the next meeting. What a great idea!!