Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday Outlook

Not many blog updates this week, I know! It was very busy, trying to start the new job, finish the old one, and still get some writing done (not GOOD writing, but words on paper anyway). This morning Abigail has to go to her third obediance class at Petsmart (she's doing very, very well, but she gets far too many treats since she learns things so fast. She basically waddles out of Petsmart when we're done!), and tonight, as per the new job, working at the box office for a concert. I'm a bit nervous about that. What if I lose everyone's tickets in that labyrinthine computer system???

Here is my horoscope for this week: "It's Introspection Season, Capricorn. I encourage you to write copiously in a journal. Here are several themes that would be fruitful to explore: 1) Your most amazing qualities and your worst qualities. 2) The 100 things you want to accomplish in the next 30 years. 3) Your bitter complaints, horrendous pain, and lost dreams. 4) Everything you love and everything that's beautiful and everything that works. In addition to writing your heart out and your ass off, paste in cut-out pictures from magazines, draw pictures, and ask friends to write messages to you."

That's a very tall order. Maybe I will tackle it tomorrow. In the meantime, even if you're not a Capricorn, feel free to borrow any part of this horoscope you want. :)


Betty S said...

Where do you go for your horoscope? Your's gives you interesting stuff to do. Mine always says things like, "Avoid Crabs" "Be careful of conflict."

As a writer, "Be careful of conflict." is the scary one.

Betty S said...

Good luck at the concert tonight.

Heard you on the radio late yesterday afternoon. Won't you be glad when that's over.

Amanda McCabe said...

I got that horoscope from the back of the Gazette--they're always very interesting. :) If they say "avoid crabs," it's for some strange philosophical reason.

Betty S said...

Now I know where to look.