Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar thoughts

OK, so I missed on the Best Picture, but other than that didn't do too bad! Maybe next year I'll do what Betty suggests and take it to Vegas. :) Being the movie geek I am, I watch the show every year, the whole show, even though it's usually bored the snot out of me by the halfway mark. This year, it felt more fun somehow. Maybe it was Jon Stewart's hosting, or the lack of silly big production numbers (though they made up for it with all those self-congratulatory montages!). Or the fact that there were only 3 songs, none of them sung by Beyonce (unlike last year, sigh). I'm not a rap fan at all, but that "Pimp" song was annoyingly infectious.

I also thought everyone looked very elegant. I didn't find anything to dislike, except that weird wing/bow thing on Charlize Theron's shoulder (what was up with that?). Even J.Lo refrained from flashing everyone! Some faves of mine were Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley, Salma Hayek, Amy Adams, Jennifer Aniston. It's too hard to pick a #1!

Anyway, now that that's over for another year, I'm also over at Risky Regencies today ( Let me know if you watched the show, and what you thought!


Betty S said...

If you go to Vegas, I'm going with you. I'll bet on what ever you bet on. I'll come back rich.

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