Tuesday, September 26, 2006


So, Saturday was officially the First Day of Autumn. This is my absolute favorite time of year! I love the cooler weather, the colors, the clothes, the better movies in the theaters (theoretically, anyway). I love the feeling of Getting Serious after a lazy summer, personified by the displays of fresh school suplies (I stocked up on various colored pens for editing and the Hello Kitty notebooks I like to do my rough drafts in!). This weekend I indulged two of my favorite Fall pasttimes--Halloween and the state fair. Once a year, I give in to my insane love of fried foods and weird people-watching and make an excursion to the fair, and this year I was not disappointed. I found a booth that featured chocolate fountains (dark, milk, and white!) used for dipping fruits, marshamallows, cream puffs, and (!) cheesecake. I had a skewer of chocolate-dipped strawberries which was absolutely wonderful, and a great compliment to the corndogs and Indian tacos. My jeans didn't fit the next day, but oh well--the fair is only once a year (TG!). For Halloween I began collecting accessories for my planned costume, the nature of which to be revealed in a later post. :)

What's your favorite time of year???


chrystal casey said...

I love autumn too. I like the chill in the air and winter clothes and the leaves changing colors and I love FOOTBALL!!! I hope to make it to the Tulsa fair this year. I love the funnelcakes and diet lemonade. Those two don't seem to go together but somehow they do.

Megan Frampton said...

My favorite season is Spring, with the crocuses and all, but Autumn is pretty darn gorgeous, too.

I love wearing sweatshirts after a season of hunting for the coolest (literally) clothing i own.

Amanda McCabe said...

I forgot about the lemonade! It goes very well with corndogs, too. :)

My favorite thing this season are all the tights in the stores! They make my short skirts feel not quite so short. Got some in black, gray, brown, and dark red. And a crazy hot pink argyle I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear, but it looked great in InStyle!