Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello Kitty Friday

In honor of Banned Books Week (see my post at Risky Regencies tomorrow for more on the topic!) here are some of Hello Kitty's favorite books. Not that any of them have been banned, as far as I know, except maybe by some of the irrational anti-Kittyers in the world. :)

And what did we think of the Project Runway Shocker Wednesday??? All four contestants will go to Fashion Week! I like the twist--I think they'll all do very interesting collections. I actually liked Jeffry's dress this week (for the first time!), despite the judges' usual carping, even though I wouldn't have minded never seeing those tattoos again. But Uli was sure a wench to steal Michael's model from him like that. She'll probably do a complete collection of hippy beach dresses and come in last. Go Michael and Laura!!!

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