Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TV Heaven

I'm not usually much of a TV person--don't have the time or the inclination (aside from the Food Network). And I'm REALLY not a reality TV person. But my two newest obsessions in life are both on this week! All-new edition of Dancing With the Stars starts tonight, woo-hoo! D-listers in sparkly costumes with snarky judges again! I can't wait. And speaking of snarky judges, new episode of Project Runway tomorrow. Now it's down to 5. Let's recap:

Last week, on the Couture Extravaganza on the Seine or French Women Really Are Skinnier, Vincent was Out. Finally, TG. Does anyone else find him to be more than a little scary? I will never know how he lasted longed than Alison. And really--GLUING a gown together??? Jeffery won, drat it, though I guess I can see why. I personally did not like that puke-yellow plaid concoction, but it was probably the most couture-ish of the bunch in its weird over-the-topness. I liked Ulli's gown the best. Yes, it was another floor-length, braided halter neck gown, but the cut and color were beautiful.

What happened with Michael??? That gown was a mess, and totally not like him. Hope he's not cracking up on us, I'm betting on him to win. And Kayne--bless his heart. He tries so very hard, and he's great at the pageant/prom thing (loved his Marilyn in the "fashion icon" challenge), but now he seems to be out of his depth. His dress was NOT as bad as the judges said, though. I liked the laced-up corset top. Laura--okay, she does annoy me greatly, but I do like her clothes so much. They're crisp, professional, and wearable. Loved that lavender coat from the "ransack your apartment" challenge and the tweed suit from the dog show. Also thought her pageant gown was the best (sorry, Kayne). But this black gown--what was this??? Not so much Belle de Jour, but Insane Cockatoo. At least there was no Angela and her fleurettes, or whatever they were.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I too am addicted to Dancing with the Stars (love Mario Lopez, although Viveka A. Fox is starting to look like Wayland Flowers Madam), and Project Runway. Go Michael and Laura. Are you creeped out by Jeffrey's neck tattoo?

Amanda McCabe said...

Ew, the neck tattoo. Can-not stand it. But I have a feeling we're going to have to look at it until the bitter end.