Thursday, December 22, 2005

3 days 'til Christmas

Every year my parents "do" Christmas Eve at their house. Sometimes for the extended family, which always turns into a zoo and trashes out the house, after my mother spent days cleaning, and sometimes just for the immediate family (parents, me, my dogs, brother, sometimes brother's girlfriend, but she's in Florida this year). It's better when it's just immediate family, because then we can wear our pajamas, drink copious cocktails, and sing along off-key to the Chieftains' Christmas album. For some reason, the holiday brings out the Irish in us.

I have one present that hasn't yet arrived, so I'm getting worried about that, but other than that I'm done. Finished. No more holiday insanity for me. I may have to run away to the movies sometime this weekend, especially after Christmas day lunch at my uncle's house. Pride and Prejudice wants to be seen for a third time. One good thing is that I have persuaded my family that our cocktail of choice this year should be chocolatinis. I found a few interesting recipes online. Anyone here have any good ones to share???

And check out my brother's knee socks. Isn't he too adorable to live?

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