Friday, December 23, 2005

Puppy holidays

When I was a kid, we always had dogs--dachshunds. And I've always loved pets. But I always secretly made fun of people who spoiled their pets with clothes, fancy beds, shoes, whatever. Our dachs had a few chew toys, and sweaters when they got old and arthritic, but that was about it. But now, withVictoria and Abigail, I find myself scanning the Internet for a good deal on pink dog strollers, and buying booties when it snows. I'm crazy. I know it. :)

Here is Abigail's latest visit to Santa Paws, wearing her own snazzy Santa coat. Merry Christmas to you, and all your precious pets!


Cara King said...

Do you have a pic of your dogs in booties??? That would be so cool! :-)


Amanda McCabe said...

LOL! I'll try to take a pic, if they'll stand still long enough. The booties make them lurch around the room as fast as they can go, trying to shake them off. :)