Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Favorite movies of 2005

A couple of days ago, I posted my favorite romance novels of the year on Risky Regencies, and it put me in a nostalgic frame of mind, I guess. Maybe tomorrow I will post my fave non-romance books--that's a list that takes some hard thought, considering how many books I've read this year. In the meantime, some of the movies I've enjoyed this year! (It was a surprisngly good year, I think--last year I didn't have quite so many movies that I really liked!)

First of all, my very favorite was (big surprise!) PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I just adored this film. Wasn't too sure about it going in--I loved the 1995 Colin "Wet Shirt" Firth version so much, and I'm sort of on the fence about Keira Knightley. Plus I had heard so many "advance opinions" on the various Regency and Jane Austen lists I'm on. But I shouldn't have doubted. KK captured Elizabeth Bennett's sass and charm so well (even though she's disgustingly beautiful and I hate her for that), and as for MM--well, he is now #2 boyfriend after Orlando. I saw it twice, and would have gone for 3 if the theaters here still showed it. Will just have to wait for the DVD.

In that same vein, I also enjoyed BRIDE AND PREJUDICE, the Bollywood-lite version that came out a few months ago. I have a strange fascination for Bollywood movies, and this didn't have the overblown spectacle I love, but Austen's story translates perfectly to modern-day India. Adorable. Especially that "No Life Without Wife" number.

Some others I liked:
ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW (thank God the art museum has started showing "artier" fare in their theater, or I would have missed these two gems)
HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (the best of the HP movies so far, no doubt. And I'm picky, too, since Goblet was my favorite book so far)

And 2 I liked that I didn't think I would: WEDDING CRASHERS and CORPSE BRIDE

One I liked, but could have been better: KINGDOM OF HEAVEN

Movie I found to be a bit over-rated: Roger Ebert's #1 choice for the year, CRASH

And some I'm looking forward to when they finally open here:
BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (and no, not just because there may be a chance to see Jake Gyllenhaal in the buff. Please. Snort)
MATCH POINT (I hear Woody Allen is back to form in this one. Finally)
And maybe CASANOVA. It has Venice, after all.

What were some faves of your own this year? i'm always looking for great stuff I missed!


Cara King said...

I think we have somewhat similar tastes, Amanda!

Of course, I too loved P&P, and B&P. Also loved HP #4. :-)

And I really loved Proof too. I also liked Kingdom of Heaven but thought it could be better, and thought Crash was overrated.

I'm going to see Casanova tomorrow. The preview looked great!


Betty S said...

We're having a friend over New Year's Eve. He's bringing "CRASH".
I was hoping it would really be good.

Betty S

Amanda McCabe said...

"Crash" isn't a terrible movie, it's definitely worth seeing--I just didn't think it lived up to all its hype!

You have to let me know what you think about Casanova, Cara! It doesn't open here until the 6th, but I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Kelli McBride said...

I finally saw Mr and Mrs Smith last night, and I feel like Mandy did about Crash - what was all the hype about? Every review I read raved about this film. I thought it was cute, but I hardly thought it better than 2.5 or 3 stars out of 4. And the ending sucked.

Kingdom of Heaven was definintely a movie that could have been better. Too much fighting and not enough character development. A friend of mine said it was a movie where people fought and then someone made a speech followed by more fighting. I think she pegged it. But it was beautifully filmed, provided a balanced and fair look at both sides, and gave Orlando lots of face time. ;-)

Still haven't seen P&P, but I did get out A&E's miniseries and plan to watch it this week.

Gena Showalter said...

For shame, Kelli! Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a wonderful movie. Next time I see you, Miss Kells, I'm spanking you.

Kelli McBride said...

Promises, promises, Gena. That wet noodle is long worn out. ;-)

I will say that Brad looked wonderful, and was a much better dancer than Arnold Schwartzennegar in TRUE LIES. And I completely hate Angelie Jolie - no one has the right to be that gorgeous. I thought the funniest moment was when, at the end, Brad says, "Ten times." Ah, fiction. ;-)

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