Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sleigh bells ring

I think I officially hit my Christmas music tolerance level today. At the beginning of the season, I always love the music more than any other part of the holiday, especially the weird Celtic and medieval CDs I have. But at work today we were playing this medley of Christmas songs done by the Empire Brass, and suddenly I felt like if I had to hear "Winter Wonderland" (in any form) one more time I would scream. And maybe grab up the phone and go all Rusell Crowe.

But I'm better now. :)

And my shopping is almost done, except for one item I ordered for my dad which hasn't arrived yet. Other than that, there's a plethora of packages for my cats to steal the bows from. Christmas is their favorite time of year. They pout for days after the tree comes down.


Megan Frampton said...

Man, Amanda, you are so damn cute. I don't think I was EVER that cute.

And most of my shopping is done.

Amanda McCabe said...

LOL, Megan! Sadly, I don't think I've grown much since this picture was taken. :)

I have one more present I'm waiting on, something I found online for my dad, and I'm starting to get antsy that it hasn't arrived yet.

Rinda Elliott said...

Too cute!

Maybe you should bring earplugs to the party-- I do have some of that Celtic Christmas music I plan to play. Also Charlie Brown Chrismas and Over the Rhine Christmas-- this one is so different from the norm, it shouldn't hurt.

Cicero_speaks said...

Now THAT is the definition of unrestrained joy! :)

Definitely an adorable picture...I don't think I was ever that cute either hehe

Merry Christmas to all and, for all that is good and holy, please play sparingly "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" this holiday season.

Rinda Elliott said...

I could play Santa Lost A Ho by the Christmas Jug Band...