Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve has always been my family's big holiday-day. We get together for dinner, opening presents, cocktails, music. Christmas Day, though my grandmother used to make a big lunch and when I was a kid we got "Santa" that morning (waaaay too early, according to my parents, who had usually spent the whole night trying to put together presents!), is mostly for naps and fondling presents received the day before. Last year, I got a Hello Kitty toaster that imprints the face of Kitty on the bread. So, I spent Christmas day making toast. That kind of thing.

Have a great Christmas Eve, everyone! Have a pot of tea (or a chocolatini), spend some time with people you care about, and read a Christmas story. I hear that "Upon a Midnight Clear" in the Regency Christmas Magic anthology is pretty good. :) May Santa bring you what you want most this year. (I've asked him to sell my historical fiction project. Hardcover, preferably. LOL)


Risky Regencies said...

Hello Kitty toast? I shouldn't be surprised! :-)

My family's always opened gifts on Christmas itself, but my husband's family did a bit of Eve opening, so we use that as an excuse to open a few on the 24th... :-)


Kelli McBride said...

I think you should invent the Hello Kittini - then you could really make Hello Kitty "toasts." Hmm, I just realized that the plural for toast is toast, unless you're talking about the verb not the noun.

Amanda McCabe said...

Mmmmm--Hello Kittini! What would I put in it? :)